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Thank you for stopping by
Pour Decisions Bar & Grill

Hi, I’m Ron Gudenkauf, Owner of Pour Decisions.  I thought I’d share a little about the birth of Pour Decisions Bar & Grill & some tidbits about me.  Thanks for visiting our website & listening to my journey.
I was born in 1972 & was raised on a pig farm in Iowa.  I relocated to Cheyenne, Wyoming, at the start of my 7th-grade year.  

My Story

My restaurant journey began in 1987 at the ripe age of 14 bussing tables & washing dishes at a well-known local restaurant.  I quickly found myself in the kitchen learning the trade from some awesome seasoned cooks.  After 5 years in the restaurant business, I graduated from high school & joined the Navy.  The U.S. Navy shipped me off to boot camp in Chicago.  While serving my country with pride, the thought of owning a restaurant, someday,  lingered.  After a number of other ventures, on June 23rd, 2021, at the age of 48, I finished my last construction build-out right here at Pour Decisions Bar & Grill.  That day also marked the opening of my 1st restaurant.  You guessed it….Pour Decisions Bar & Grill, a family establishment.

Curiously, the most commonly asked question around here is “Where did the name come from?” Well, here’s the story.  On February 17th, 2020, in Lake Havasu City, AZ, I saw a DUI campaign that read, “Don’t Drink and Drive.  Don’t Make Poor Decisions.”  I joked with my wife, Suzy, in front of a group of friends about how I had the perfect name for a Bar & Grill.  That’s when the Pour Decisions Bar & Grill concept came to life.  Suzy suggested changing the spelling of “Poor” to “Pour” so I did!

I have always believed that attaining goals happens by helping
others reach theirs, whether it is just through life or in this case,
through the food we serve, & the personal service we deliver.  
I have an awesome crew that helps me do just that.  What
makes us stand out from other bars & grills or even other
restaurants for that matter?  Our delicious food tipped the
scale and turned us into more of a family establishment than
a bar.  We take pride in “made from scratch” recipes. For
example, I’ve been enjoying the spaghetti & chili we have served

for 20+ years.  Both are loaded with fresh vegetables.  
Our fried pickles, onion rings & mushrooms are battered and
fresh to order & are accompanied by “made from scratch”
dressings & sauces.  Believe me, you’ll taste the difference!  Even the fries come straight from the potato!!

With that being said, you may ask, is it worth the additional labor & costs associated with freshness?



Now, don’t take my word for it…..come in & give us an opportunity to earn your business. Some of those who taught me much of what I know visit the restaurant from time to time.  It’s such an honor to serve them, so please stop in to Pour Decisions Bar & Grill & allow us the honor of serving you!


Hope to see ya soon!!

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